We appear to have a pet pumpkin 6


When I was a child Halloween was barely acknowledged.  My parents didn’t go in for “all that American nonsense.”  The extent of my celebrations was opening the door to kids wearing bin bags and offering them fruit because my parents wouldn’t buy sweets in!  Life in our house wasn’t really affected by Halloween.  There was certainly no big build up like there is now but I always had a sense that I was missing out.

As the weather has been so grim lately it seemed like a good idea indulge myself and keep Small Stuff occupied with some Halloween crafts and cosy afternoons watching Halloween related kiddie-fodder on Netflix.  Even Mr Stuff got caught up in this Halloween build up and said he’d carve a Jack O’lantern.

So off we went to the supermarket to get our pumpkin.  The fact that Small Stuff reacted like she was peering into a box full of puppies rather than a crate of slightly manky pumpkins should have been a warning sign.  She honed in on one in particular and squealed in delight as Mr Stuff fished it out.  We decided to get 2 in case we messed up the first one and returned home.

Mr Stuff made a start on his creation while Small Stuff sat next to him with her arms wrapped firmly around the spare pumpkin.  I was aware of her chunnering away but didn’t take much notice as I was busy herding the cats away from the carving process and rummaging through the cupboards for tealights.

Mr Stuff declared pumpkin carving was a doddle.  He was done in no time and offered to carve the spare. It was at this point I realised Small Stuff was planting gentle kisses and singing lullabies to said spare.

“Don’t cut Pumpkinny!”
(Imaginative, I know.)
“He’s my best friend and I love him!” she squeaked.

Obviously being sane people, we explained the pumpkin was just a fruit, not a toy or living creature and it wasn’t really for playing with.  But this didn’t wash with Small Stuff.  “You can’t cut him! I just want him to stay as he is. Can we make a spooky cucumber instead?!”

Without wanting to make it into a big deal I didn’t push the issue any more and felt certain that the novelty would wear off quickly, because you know, it’s a pumpkin.

I’m still waiting.

This is what was happening this morning. Pumpkinny has a clean bill of health apparently.


Maybe I could drive him to the countryside and set him free, or bake him in a risotto and say we found a nice farm for him to live on with lots of other pumpkins.  Or do I let him live out his days as Small Stuff’s companion until he gets a bit icky?

After all how could I break this bond?

Anyone else hear "Just the 2 of us?"

Anyone else hear “Just the 2 of us?”

And why am I referring to this chuffin’ pumpkin as “He?!”

Has your child ever formed a bond with a bizarre object?  I’d love to know!

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6 thoughts on “We appear to have a pet pumpkin

  • Ellie @ Hand Me Down Baby

    Hahahaha, CLASSIC!!a
    This gave me a good chuckle :)
    We were doing some tidying this afternoon and found a postcard to Little Miss A from her auntie, so we gave it to her.
    “Aww, thank you!” she said as she gave it a cuddle and walked away holding it to her cheek! Very random.
    Of course later this evening she was trying to put it under her potty so I don’t think we’ve got much to worry about…unlike you and Pumpkinny 😀
    Will she go off him before he goes manky?!

    • Smallstuffandme Post author

      Hee-hee! Cuddling up to the postcard is very sweet- I wonder what the thought behind Little Miss A’s under-potty filing system is?!
      I would welcome a postcard attachment – there’s still a lot of love for Pumpkinny unfortunately!
      I’m considering saying he turned into a teddy and binning him- or is it stuff like this that is making my child bonkers?!

  • Life as mum

    Oh how adorable!! That photo is just overly cute :)! My girls haven’t had any odd attatchments to anything – but I am trying to think!! thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

    • Smallstuffandme Post author

      That photo is true love captured isn’t it?! You’ll have to let me know if you think of anything- tell me I’m not the only one raising a little weirdo!