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This week we have been trying out Hairydust dry shampoo for children.  Hairydust is the creation of a busy mum of twin tots, you know she’s dealt with her fair share of messy mop-tops and she knows what kind of toiletries you are happy to use on your own children.  Hairydust is 100% natural and organic, contains no parabens and is cruelty free.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  It gets better- it actually works.






My first impression on seeing Hairydust is that is really stands out from other children’s toiletries, it’s not awash with neon colours or zany characters.  The packaging looks and feels very high end but is still very sweet, especially the super cute Max and Nancy illustrations peeping at you as you open the box.  The twist top powder dispenser prevents any monumental spillage and allows you to sprinkle out the right quantity- a little of this stuff really does go a long way.  The fragrance is fresh and subtle and the powder feels very fine and light to the touch.

Small Stuff attends nursery twice a week and it’s these days that her hair is generally plastered to her head with sweat and adorned with the remnants of dinner and messy play.  It’s also these days that are the most hectic and we could ideally do with skipping hair washing!  After nursery there’s generally some errand or other to run then it’s home, play, tea, and the bedtime routine begins.

We aim to give Small Stuff a quick, calm bath with the various bedtime toiletries,  get her dried and dressed in her PJ’s and continue the calm atmosphere straight into bed.  Because we have to wash her hair we have to throw a hairdryer into the mix.  This breaks the sleepy spell and causes Small Stuff to get either giddy or grumpy.

The fact that we can just ruffle a little Hairydust over her manky tresses means we can skip a hairwash on nursery nights- the time she needs it most but it causes the most disruption.  I needn’t feel guilty about cutting corners because this product doesn’t just freshen it actually removes dirt, sweat and food.  This lets us save the hair washes for the fun bath times on less hectic days where bubble Mohicans are plentiful and a hot, noisy hairdryer isn’t blasting at a sleepy little head.

I first used Hairydust on Small Stuff after she’d had two days at nursery so her hair was suitably sweaty and greasy, I’m not sure the before picture captures all her grotty glory!


Small Stuff has very fine hair that is prone to tangling so I was expecting it to become a little weighed down and possibly knotted during the application process.  But as the box suggests all it took was a little shake and a ruffle, the powder disappeared easily and her hair looked clean and shiny.  She was very keen to get in on the shaking and ruffling too!




Hairydust also came to the rescue after a fromage frais related incident, a little more ruffling was understandably required as the powder was slightly harder to shift from the sticky strands of hair but in very little time Small Stuff’s hair was looking clean again.  Unlike most dry shampoos we’re familiar with, Hairydust doesn’t add any extra oomph, just fabulous clean, shiny results for your child’s hair.

Hairydust works.  It’s safe, long lasting, adorably packaged and makes life a little easier.  What more could you want?

You can purchase Hairydust from for £7.99 plus p&p.

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Please note this is not a sponsored post, we were provided with Hairydust to test and review.  All words and opinions are my own.

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