Parenting Stuff: Potty Training is almost over, why am I not rejoicing like a sane person?!

ToiletAfter a few bare-bummed days of house arrest (Small Stuff, not me) I’ve started to accept that we will need to eventually Go Out.  Without any absorbent aids, without always knowing where the nearest loos are, we will be at the mercy of her tiny bladder.

I’m really worried she is on the brink of discovering the power of  “I need a wee.”

One evening, way past bed time, this phrase was squeaked over the monitor.  After a thrilling night time trip to the bathroom rounded off with another cuddly tucking in, I could almost hear the (spent) penny dropping as the effect of these attention-grabbing, routine-breaking magic words was realised.
This is what has me so unnerved about Going Out.

I envisage abandoning baskets of bargains in checkout queues (please, not Primark!) in order to avoid an accident, watching our bus whizz past us because Small Stuff claims she is need of a whizz herself, cutting short any chatty encounters in the street because “I need a wee” is more effective than “I’m bored.”

Now that the ultimate goal of no more nappies seems like it could actually be achieved I’ll admit I don’t feel quite as eager to get there.
Please can someone talk some sense into me?!

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