Fun Stuff: Nemo and Giraffe book review

nemoAs the owner of two house cats and one small human, I leapt at the chance to review Lee Hunter’s children’s book, Nemo and Giraffe.  Lee has written this book with the purpose of teaching children about equality, friendship and the fact animals have feelings too.

We have had our cats since before Small Stuff was born and she knows how to behave around them, unfortunately the same cant be said for some of her playmates who think terrorising my kitties is worth some time on the naughty step.

Nemo and Giraffe is the tale of a timid, sweet natured house cat and his constant companion, Giraffe.  The two may be quite different but they have a very special bond.  Nemo is wary of the world outside and is perfectly happy to spend his days indoors having fun with his best pal.  Through well laid out text and delightful illustrations we learn animals need to feel safe and loved and can be afraid of things like loud noises and new people- a very important lesson for children to learn early in life.  The length of this story and gentle pace make it an ideal bedtime read.

Lindy Damen’s charming illustrations compliment the story perfectly (I audibly cooed when I first set eyes on the adorable duo!)  We can clearly see when Nemo is feeling scared, anxious and content with his best buddy at his side.  The sight of Giraffe peeking from a boot during hide and seek and also perching on Nemo’s head drew giggles from Small Stuff who was an instant fan of this story.

Nemo and Giraffe is a lovely read with an important message delivered in just the right way for young children.
The paperback edition is available to purchase from Amazon for just £4.99 and you can get the Kindle edition for £1.99

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Disclaimer- I was given access to an online version of this book in return for an honest opinion.

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