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imageRead with me Violet arrived in our house as a 3rd birthday gift for my daughter and it was puppy love at first sight!

Violet is an interactive cuddly puppy recommended for age
s 2-5 years.  She speaks over 70 phrases and comes with 5 short books which she reads out to your child.  Each book is written in a style to develop certain reading skills- pattern, narrative, concept, rhyming and learn-about.

Just from holding Violet for a short time it was obvious that this toy is of very high quality.  She is very sweet looking, prompting instant cuddles and kisses from my little girl.  Violet wears a collar with 5 numbered buttons which correspond to each of the reading books, she also describes the selected book by colour and the picture on the front which is great if your little one is still learning number recognition.  After reading each page Violet asks for a pat on the head to move the story on.  My over excited birthday girl patted Violet several times which made Violet sing and say friendly phrases such as “You’re so nice.”  I thought our place in the story would be lost and we’d have to start over but I was very impressed when Violet said “Let’s keep reading the story.” and picked up where we left off.

Violet’s prompts are easy to understand and my daughter quickly got to grips with how this toy works.  As well as Violet’s head, she has interactive touch points on her front paws, her cheek and back.  Kissing her cheek or squeezing her paws results in songs and phrases. Patting her back is a way to respond to questions that Violet asks during the stories.

imageAnother great feature is the sleepytime mode.  Violet will freely read a bedtime story without asking your child to find the physical book or prompting activation of the touch points.  She plays 8 minutes of  lullabies if her music paw is squeezed in this mode.  Violet will then automatically shut off meaning there’s no worry of your child accidentally setting the toy off again if they do have a snooze with her.

Read with me Violet is so much more than a squeeze and speak toy.  She has real educational value and her range of interactive features is engaging and well thought out.

Overall I’m pleased with my purchase and highly recommend this toy- especially if you have a budding bookworm who’s partial to a cuddle!


Disclaimer: I was not approached in any way to write this review and have done so by choice after making my own purchase 

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4 thoughts on “Fun stuff: Leapfrog Read With Me Violet review

  • Melody

    Oh my! What a lovely review. My daughter hasn’t got the read with me Violet, she only have Violet on its own and she love it. Leapfrog stuff are genius. Now, you made me check the read with me one. lol xx #ToddlerApporvedTuesday

    • Smallstuffandme Post author

      Haha! I’d say it’s a good choice, the reading aspect is great, I imagine my daughter will be able to follow the stories as they’re read out as she gets older.