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As much as we try to influence and teach our children, do you ever find at times it’s the other way round?


Sometimes it takes someone outside of our household to point out that we are talking gibberish because we are kind of immune to it.


Small Stuff likes to invent her own words and they seem to slip into our everyday language without us realising.  Here are a few Small Stuffisms:



First uttered when Small Stuff was trying to cadge some granola but couldn’t remember the word for it.  I’d say crumbo is a pretty good guess!  It is a fantastic word and has completely replaced “granola” in our vocabulary.



According to Small Stuff this means very upset and angry (an-gree?) and is most often heard being wailed from the naughty step.



After seeing some footage of children performing taekwondo, Small Stuff came up with her own flailing, stumbling, spinning version of martial arts called Charpoop.  Most days I am forced to bellow  “Don’t you be Charpooping near the cat!”



Mr Stuff is a big fan of WWE (at the age of 33, bless him,) and carries out gentle wrestling moves with Small Stuff.  This has inspired her to create her own- The Shoopab.  As far as I can tell, you perfect this move by yelling “Shoopab!” and flinging your body onto the nearest piece of furniture/family member.  



This means complaining or whinging, which happens so often that I think nothing of asking “What are you narning about now?!”


I love that Small Stuff comes up with these silly words but can give a coherent, consistent definition whenever you ask what they mean!


Is toddler twaddle infiltrating your vocabulary?  Are you stealing slang from your tween?
I’d love to know!

Little Hearts, Big Love

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14 thoughts on “Do You Talk Toddler Twaddle?

  • El

    This is hilarious! Loved your post! I love those made up words! My #1 used to make up words all the time and I’ll have to spend days trying to figure out what he meant. He used to call the motorcycle – Mot mot?? And he used to call me “Me” as he could not pronounce Mummy. Funny times! Hope to see you again at #abitofeverything

  • Kyles @ Pickles and Pords

    This is brilliant. I think Crumbo may be my new favourite word. My little man hasn’t quite managed to get the r in hungry and he spends so much of his day saying “me hungy” that I have now taken to just introducing him as Hungy. He gets so mad when people ask me his name and I tell them it’s Hungy :) #ftmob

    • Smallstuffandme Post author

      Haha! I love that you’re introducing your son as “Hungy!”
      “Crumbo” is a great word isn’t it?! It’s the complete norm for us to use it now.
      I’m all “How are we for crumbo?” in the supermarket!

  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Lol, I love this list of toddlerisms that have entered into your vocabulary without realising it. “Don’t you be Charpooping near the cat!” made me chuckle – I completely confused my husband the other day when he overheard me telling the girls to “stop vooshing (throwing) their toys!” – I have Bing bunny to thank for that particular one. Crumbo is a good word for granula and I quite like narning too. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob :-)

    • Smallstuffandme Post author

      Oh I’m very influenced by Bing! I talk of vooshing and clumbos too. Most annoyingly I have picked up Bing’s habit of saying “Yarp!” instead of “Yes!”