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        I’m just going to say it- I really do not like taking my child to the park.   Well, that’s not strictly true, we live close […]

Please no, not the park!

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    I had never really seen the point in naming ceremonies.  By the time you feel like attending (let alone organising) a social gathering after giving birth, it’s fair […]

Why Have a Naming Ceremony?

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    As much as we try to influence and teach our children, do you ever find at times it’s the other way round?   Sometimes it takes someone outside […]

Do You Talk Toddler Twaddle?

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  When I was a child Halloween was barely acknowledged.  My parents didn’t go in for “all that American nonsense.”  The extent of my celebrations was opening the door to […]

We appear to have a pet pumpkin

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When you watch your orange faced baby merrily dropping globs of pureed veg off the side of the highchair, you can’t imagine that you’ll ever feed them a foodstuff that […]

Sweet Stuff