Taking it on the chin(s)- 7 toddler “compliments” 8


We’ve all seen the inspirational quotes doing the rounds- us mums should take pride in our post baby bodies- our shattered, disheveled appearances are proof we put our children first.  We are tigers that have earned our over-stretched stripes.

YES!  I couldn’t agree more but I must admit my roar became more of a whimper when Small Stuff made the following observations:


“You feel like a ‘normous jelly.”


“I like it when my hair is scruffy because I match you.”


“I like these wiggly blue drawings on your legs”


“Ooh Mummy, you’re very bummy aren’t you?”


“I have spots all over my face.”
“Are you pretending to be poorly?”
“No I’m pretending to be you.”


“You are good at hiding your belly button!”


“I like the purple colour under your eyes, Mummy.”


But then I look at this chipper little truth teller, gazing up at me with a face full of innocence.  Can I really consider these things to be flaws when I have such a funny, inquisitive little nutcase to show for it all?  I have to have a wine laugh and let the hang-ups go.

And work on teaching Small Stuff some tact.

I’d love to hear of any back-handed compliments that you’ve received from your child!

Little Hearts, Big Love

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8 thoughts on “Taking it on the chin(s)- 7 toddler “compliments”

  • New Mummy Blog

    Hahaha a brilliant post! I think you definitely deserve wine :-)
    Baby H is just 11 months so I’ve yet to reach this stage, one one hand I can’t wait, on the other…. wine will be the way through it!
    Thanks so much for sharing, hope you can come back next week x

  • Melissa

    I went to pick my 5 year old up from school about two months after having his baby sister. I had a more fitted shirt on since I was finally feeling better about my post baby body. He ran from the classroom, gave me a huge hug, gasped, put both hands on my belly and with a giant smile yells, “Oh, Mom! You have another baby in your belly!” Needless to say we RAN away, and that shirt was thrown away.

    • Smallstuffandme Post author

      They do wonders for your confidence don’t they?!
      So cute that your little boy was so delighted at the thought of another sibling though!

  • Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Oh aren’t little ones just great at giving backhanded compliments? Mine don’t always quite translate into compliments though – Jessica often tells Daddy that he has a big tummy (Peppa Pig is partly to blame for this one). It definitely can be quite sobering to hear little ones with their blunt honesty even if those tiger stripes and “wriggly blue lines” have been well-earned! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob :-)