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After spending a whole 15 minutes at a disappointing Christmas fayre that I had been bigging up to Small Stuff all week, I accepted the day was a washout.  (4 stalls, a bewildered donkey and an elf that kept complaining about the cold- it’s beginning to feel a lot like a letdown.)


Not wanting her to feel too disappointed I said we could pop into The Works for some new crafty bits and pieces instead.  While we were in there a pot of “Magic Snow” caught Small Stuff’s eye.  I’d seen something similar in the pound shop, it’s the type of thing I’d normally dismiss as tat and discourage her from buying but as the day hadn’t gone as planned I bought it for her.  And I’m so glad I did!  It’s kept her busy for hours (and I’ve loved playing with it too!)


Magic Snow is a small pot of powder that comes with a cute mini shovel and claims to expand up to 600% when mixed with water.


Magic Snow


The instructions aren’t very specific, they just advise you to gradually mix a small amount of water with the powder in a large bowl (you won’t need a bowl as big as the one I opted for.  I think I was envisaging a Nanny Plum magic jelly scenario!)


Magic Snow

On adding the water the powder swells and takes on a fluffy appearance.  Small Stuff thought this was brilliant.  She kept herself occupied for ages just by stirring the mixture and raking her hands through it.  It’s a little tricky to describe the texture of magic snow once it’s hydrated.  It’s a bit gel-like and leaves a slight powdery residue on your hands.  Once you start clumping it together it really does feel like room temperature snow.  It’s quite pleasing!

When it was clear that the Magic Snow could be squished together and hold it’s shape we set about making our mini snowmen.  We used scrunched up crepe paper, crumbs of dried up Playdoh and pipe cleaners for the details.


Smallstuffandme snowmen


From the instructions I got the impression the Magic Snow would dry out quite quickly but this wasn’t the case.  We didn’t need to add any extra water the whole time we were playing with it.  Our snowmen lasted for 2 days before they started to crumble.  Once the Magic Snow has dried out you can start all over again by mixing it with water.  I keep ours stored in a zip lock bag so we can just sprinkle, stir and sculpt.


As well as making snowy creations with it, Small Stuff has loved “rescuing” various plastic figures from table top blizzards.  This was definitely a pound well spent!


Smallstuffandme Magic Snow


What are your best buys from the discount stores?  I’d love to know.


I wrote this review after making my own purchase.  I was not approached in any way to do so.  All words and opinions are my own.



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